Be Mine. Love the Lillies

It’s no secret that the Aqualillies love to love. We love to share our lives with wonderful people and really love to perform. A few of the ‘Lillies got to escape to a beautiful beach getaway to celebrate Valentines Day and asked each other how they spend the day.


What is your favorite Valentines Day memory?

Mary: I remember I used to find and eat all the chocolate covered strawberries that my dad had bought for my mom!


What’s the most cliche thing that you actually secretly are obsessed with?

Deirdre: No matter how bad it is, I love red roses. Red roses just sitting outside my door waiting for me to find them. Totally cliche but so amazing!


What’s the most important thing in a relationship?

Diana: Hands down it’s all about having fun! If you can’t laugh with someone then it’s not worth it.


What do you look for in the man of your dreams?

Athena: Love it when the guy has a really strong personality, it makes everything so exciting!


What’s your favorite love story of all time?

Lauren: There are so many different ones but I think the love in Breakfast at Tiffany’s is so classic. Holly Golightly is such a hopeless romantic!


If you lost your voice like Ariel in The Little Mermaid, how would you get the attention of your man?

Michelle: I would work my all my Aqualillies and create a show that was very memorable!


What’s the one thing that steals your heart?

Alysha: Grand gestures are always so great. They are such a great way for someone to really show they care.


Sarah: What would be your absolute dream Valentines gift?

A trip to Tahiti!! and maybe some chocolate.


What is that one thing that just makes all the difference when it comes to Valentines Day?

Tyler: I think that there is no cookie cutter answer to the perfect day, usually what makes me so amazed is when all the little things all day long add up and just ‘wow’ me.


What would you do if you didn’t have a date for Valentines?

Alysha: I love spending time with people I love on Valentines Day. I would probably plan a day out on a hike and drink champagne with my very best girlfriends!


No matter what your plans are for February 14th remember to just spread the love :)

Photo Credit:Katie Parker

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