The Canadian Lillies Have Arrived

On Saturday August 24th, myself along with 7 other beautiful synchronized swimmers were given the opportunity of a lifetime to perform at the new and exclusive Cabana Pool Bar in the heart of Toronto, Canada for thousands of young, hot Cabana clubbers partying and enjoying the beautiful weather that summer day.

Not only was this a first for the pool bar lounge, but also for us – the new Canadian Aqualillies who eagerly awaited the two performances we would be debuting that day! This was our chance to show Toronto what we had to offer, and to illustrate the utter talent, beauty, sophistication and undying passion we possess for the sport of synchronized swimming.


The atmosphere was incredible– the weather hot and our crowd even more vivacious, which made the experience even more exciting! Aqualillies has been taking off all across the U.S and had finally made it across the border to branch out into new, uncharted territories– somewhere no one had gone before. We were so excited and couldn’t wait for our debut performance. The pool was amazing, a very unique twist on a lounge pool with an island in the middle for guests to dance and relax on while bathing in the sun.


Our thrilling adventure began at 7 am, where all of us girls met at the Cabana pool bar to prepare for our big debut. We had rehearsed a lot prior to our performance day, which only made us even more confident and eager to perform later on. As we put on our beautiful training suits and rehearsed our routines we knew this was going to be an unforgettable experience and only the beginning of an incredible journey for Aqualillies Canada. We had gone over our corrections and hashed out all the last minute details for both routines and were finally ready to put on our Karla Colletto suits, perfect our makeup and show the crowd what we were made of! The Canadian Lillies had arrived and we were ready to put on a show.


The first performance was at 4 pm with approximately 1500 people in attendance within the VIP section of the bar, where not only the pool was located, but also 2 of the 3 DJ’s playing that day, as well as the exclusive Cabana’s strategically placed around the pool. We were ready to shine and the crowd was going wild! Our first set entitled “Anything Could Happen/Fever” featured many highlights and unique synchro moves that showcased our talent as a group but also individually as we had one of our Lillies, Isabelle Rampling, do a sassy little number on the Island in the middle of the pool using a swanky red umbrella as a prop. The crowd was cheering so loud we could barely hear the music, as cell phones and cameras were whipped out to document this incredible experience. We had become a welcomed distraction from their partying as they continued to cheer for more once the routine had ended.

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 9.35.47 AM

At 5 pm we got ready for our second and final performance of the day, closing with an edgy number that featured the red umbrellas from the previous performance. We utilized the pool space by having girls both in and out of the water to make sure we connected with each and every guest in attendance, girl and boy alike. Ending the routine with our red umbrellas, the crowd jumped out of their seats and cheered uncontrollably. We had done it!

We ended the day by meeting some amazing fans, media and VIP guests while we hung out in the VIP section dancing and jamming out to the DJ till the sun went down. It was an incredible experience, full of fun, sun and beautiful people! We are so grateful for our debut performance and look forward to the future of Aqualillies Canada.

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