Sweater Weather


‘Tis the season! Winters in Los Angeles are a little warmer than the average, which we appreciate given that we’re usually in a pool more days than we’re not.

Recently we collaborated with LA-based photographer Katie Parker Rixon, but not in our usual environment. No pool, no swimsuits, just sweaters– well technically we had swimsuits under the sweaters. The shoot was at Vasquez Rocks in Agua Dulce, formations created by erosions 25 Million years ago (fun fact). These weren’t just any rock formations, they are some of the most beautiful and unique landscapes that Los Angeles has to offer.

This shoot was a great opportunity for the ‘Lillies to get out of the water and on the land for some great sweater weather shots. We asked a couple of the ‘Lillies what is their favorite part about sweater weather here is what they had to say:


“My favorite part of the holiday season is the music! That’s all I listen to from the day after Thanksgiving until New Years.” – TINA


“I love this time of year, because everyone is a little more focused on making other people happy.” – PAIGE


“During the holiday season I love cozying up in snowy Minnesota with my loved ones, a yummy peppermint hot chocolate, and a crackling fire” – SARAH



“Food, Family, Fun!!! And it means to take a break and reflect on everything that’s happened this last year, and plan all the growth for next.” – ALYSHA



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