Miami Swim Week 2013

Nearly A week full of designers, parties, fashion, celebrities, and I am sure plenty of schmoozing. The 2013 Miami Swim Fashion Week was a success debuting all of the upcoming trends for next summer. Aqualillies performed at the Raleigh Hotel for Miami Fashion Week 2011; and what goes better with swimming than Aqualillies? Nothing. It’s slightly overwhelming to think that it’s time to work on that 2013 summer body when I am still working on my 2012 summer body (….ooo the pressure).

Panorama 1

The event featured 32 international designers starting off with Lisa Blue at Cabana Grande. Opening with such an eclectic show, I enjoyed it for its creativity and originality. Instead of starting off with that high energy, fast paced, get to the end of the stage feel, these models walked as graceful sultry goddesses, adorned with golds, whites, and turquoises. Next thing you know, the high waisted retro bathing suits come out: pin curls, up-dos, the whole shebang. Similar style suits to the ones we wear for our Beverly Hills residency (which everyone should come watch). All of a sudden, your eyes are drawn to these huge headpieces that looked like antlers. The models worked those antlers as if they were the most glamorous thing in the world. In between all that were sarongs, flamenco, and floral suits; very eclectic, yet very entertaining.

Wildfox swim took me to a resurfacing era, the 1960s hipster. The accessories were on point: go-go boots, bubble glasses, afros, and bouffants – need I say more? I was just waiting for Austin Powers to come down the runway in his British Speedo…unfortunately that never happened.


One thing that’s certain is for such small pieces of material, bikinis can be quite expensive. Tory Burch has a solution with her new reversible suits that are inspired by Amalfi Coast in Italy. Think of this reversible suit as a fashion steal: 2 for 1.

While this year’s show was amazing and full of life, this time next year, I will be frolicking in my new fashion forward suit. Hopefully Aqualillies will be back in Miami gracing the pool during fashion Swim Week.

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