Masquerade Event at the Thompson Beverly Hills

It was quite a glamorous week for all of Los Angeles with themed parties every night of the week. The Aqualillies hosted one of the most luxe events on the rooftop of the Thompson Hotel in Beverly Hills this past Tuesday night. The masquerade party was an event unlike any other, there were gleaming Aqualillies performing original choreography. Aqualilly Diana said, “The show put me in the Halloween spirit, it felt like a modern version of a 19th century masquerade but underwater!”


It was so wonderful to see Alysha, Michelle, and Rebecca dance on beside the pool deck in the gold sequined suits with the brand new choreography. Each song brought out a new style of dance truly showing how talented each ‘Lilly really is.

Michelle Dawley, the Aqualillies’ dance captain, was also multi tasking as event coordinator for the Masquerade. “We were overwhelmed with RSVPs leading up to the event,” she explained as the guest list reached capacity. One of the main reasons for the event was to showcase a new nightlife set, “there were several event companies, as well as great hotel chains that we are eager to work with were able to attend,” Michelle said as she held back a huge smile, “it’s always exciting performing for potential clients!”

Mesha Kussman, Aqualillies’ creative director, later added that “It was a thrill for us to be able to invite our LA fan base and to have such an amazing venue to show our stuff. We are talking with the Thompson Hotel about doing it again next year. Maybe we’ll make a ritual out of it.”

The exciting new synchronized swimming choreography was lead by Mary Jeanette, she was teamed up with the amazingly talented swimmers Diana, Jeanie, Carolyn, and Alex. Each one of them gave endless energy to the event. Mary later said, “The whole night sparkled- the girls, the pool, and the guests! There were so many show stopping moments, it was very special to swim in this performance.”

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