Independence Day

Our country’s birthday is an amazing time for fun, sun, and drinks with little umbrellas in them. Red, white, and blue bikinis have been packed, star shaped sunglasses will be worn, and fireworks will be enjoyed. I will be found at a house conveniently located just feet from the Manhattan Beach pier in Los Angeles.

I never like to plan out my days too much, spontaneity is key to a great celebration. You never know when a spontaneous dance party might erupt or a handsome gentleman just might sweep me off my sandy little feet. Another trick to having an amazing day is making sure your guest list is filled with people who are just as entertaining as the party. I will be with my greatest friend who is studying in California this month, also my sister, fellow Aqualilly Cristina, and her awesome boyfriend, along with the hosts of the day who are some of the wildest and silliest boys that I met one weekend while I was studying at Ohio State.

Although synchronized swimming is not necessarily planned for this holiday, you never know what a little water, drinks, and some fireworks can inspire. The ocean will only be steps away, so I’m quite sure if you are around the Manhattan beach area you might catch a free performance in the sea.

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