Hollywood………It’s a place where creative minds and imaginations dare to dream. A place that was built upon the invention of film, light and sound. A city full of storytellers and artists. Sometimes when I am driving around Los Angeles, I try to imagine what is was like to live here during its golden era. When the industry was glamorous and new. Men were gentlemen, Women were ladies, and agents…..well agents are still agents, but Movie Stars were legends and directors were pioneers.

Of course there’s only one city where it seems appropriate to tell someone you’re a professional synchronized swimmer and an actress. Los Angeles is full of people with unique visions playing dress up and different roles, all while trying to make a living because we love it with a true passion. As stressful and crazy as it can be sometimes, it is always worth it. The beautiful thing about my job is that I get to play pretend and go back in time. It seems like everyone is going vintage these days with shows like “Mad Men”, “Boardwalk Empire” and “Magic City”. Also movies like “The Artist” that featured our own lovely Sarah Scott!

Magic city

Glamour, style and class are coming back and the Aqualillies get to be a part of it. We’re keeping a performance art that most people have never seen. After shows we usually mingle about the crowd and take pictures with fans. Most people make comments like ”I’ve never seen that before!” or “I didn’t know this was still around!” The Aqualillies have preserved the vision of Busby Berkeley, Esther Williams, and MGM and we’ve given it a new twist with the direction of our genius creative director Mesha Kussman. Our summer series have been so special because it’s The Beverley Hills Hotel 100th Anniversary. When I step out of valet I think of all the celebrities and wonderful people that have left their mark here.

I love Old Hollywood, I love the movies, the fashion, the attitude and the mark it left in L.A.


Aqualillies gives me the chance to give that back to the world. I feel feminine and glamorous in our vintage bathing suits and caps and it couldn’t be more fun. Aqualillies are reliving the past and bringing water ballet back to the entertainment industry and now we’re a part of Hollywood history. The only thing that needs to happen next is a water ballet musical, anyone know a good producer?

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