FitLillies the Aqualillies Fitness Program

It seems like every week there is a new fitness craze, and synchronized swimming looks like the craziest of all the crazes but, with every trend there is truth.

Aqualillies have a fitness program that trains you like a ‘Lilly. By signing up for our fitness classes you will not only learn a fabulous new skill but you will also burn calories like you’ve never seen before.


Cardio is always important in any fitness regime, and just after swimming a few warm up laps you’ll find that our FitLillies program definitely has it. After the warm up laps we go over the basic skills that will be used in the rest of the lesson.


Even though strength work is important, typically it’s not very fun. In the FitLillies program each synchro movement targets a specific muscle group but works the rest of the body in the meantime.

Eggbeater works legs, core, and back. Sculling works out your shoulders, core, and even your finger tips. Staying synchronized sharpens your mind. If the terms eggbeater, sculling, and staying synchronized still seem a bit foreign than you should really sign up and learn the techniques and the lingo!

FitLillies flier_SML June 2014

FitLillies_ABH_2014 fall

Synchronized swimming is for everyone, drop into on of our classes to see what it’s all about!

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