A Real Simple trip to New York City

Hitting newsstands today is the May issue of Real Simple Magazine and you may recognize a few familiar faces in this month’s edition. This last February Aqualillies Jax, Kate and I flew from Los Angeles to New York City to meet up with NYC Aqualilly, Georgia, for an underwater photo shoot for the magazine. The upcoming feature would be on finding the right suit for your body type.

On the flight out nervous excitement was in the air as we didn’t know what to expect on this upcoming adventure.

“I did the St. Motel video shoot but it was a different style because that was a 3D video and these for Real Simple will be still shots,” Kate said as we were getting ready to board our flight, “to be completely honest I don’t know what to expect, but this is already way better than I could have imagined.”


Today the pool, which is located on the first floor of a 5 story house in SoHo, had a plastic sheet sectioning off the pool into a smaller 10’x10’x10′ space and photographer behind a window that looked directly into the pool.


When we arrived we were whisked into suit fittings where we got to try on over 20 of some of the most beautiful suits we’ve ever seen.

“I really loved working with the whole editorial staff. They were very knowledgeable about what worked on everyone’s different body type. It was a complete stress free environment,” Jax said with a relieved tone, ” getting to play dress up with some of the most beautiful swim wear collections helped as well!”


Once we got into the water, it was hard to switch gears from synchro type poses and movements that have been drilled into us since we were young to the fluid and artistic movements.

“For me, the hardest part of underwater photos was not floating to the surface and smiling even though water is going straight up your nose,” Georgia said.

“We noticed most of the time, the photographer would wait until we were transitioning between poses before he snapped shots of us in motion,” explained Kate, “sometimes he would relay a message through his assistants to us saying what was working and what movements he would like to see again and try to capture on camera.”

It was incredible to watch the Real Simple staff work together. It takes a good team to make a photo shoot go smoothly and this was definitely a collaborative effort from the make up artist to the fashion director and photo director and all the way to the assistants. This was an incredible experience and we hope we can work with Real Simple Staff again in the future.

Here are a few of the photos from Real Simple’s May 2014 issue, go to the nearest newsstand to get your copy!

Photos are owned my Real Simple Magazine

Photos are owned my Real Simple Magazine

Here is a video of more of the Aqualillies and our underwater modeling experience Kate mentioned for the Saint Motel Underwater 3D shoot:

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